What Our Clients Say


Stephen Wessells

Professional Artist, Videographer, Entrepreneur

Chance Cox Consulting has created a few of my websites and those of friends. They are efficient with a great sense for design. They maintain my sites on annual retainer and quickly turn around any changes and updates. I strongly recommend Chance Cox Consulting for your website creation and website upkeep.


Heiko Katins

CEO ART2art Inc, ART2art Gallery, ART2art District, ART2art World, Las Vegas Art Walk

Working with Chance Cox for 3 years has helped ART 2 art Inc soooo much. He has ideas, finishes stuff in time and good. Love the responses and love the man - he is a man of honor. Thanks for all your hard work for us 


Tina & Robb Farrow

Artists, Retro-Mode Studios

We are very pleased with Chance's ability & service. I could not have imagined we would get the professional, well working website at such a great value. We are Thankful !!


Heiniz Lauer

Professional Dog Trainer, Master Chef, Entepeneur

Chance had my new website up before I met him in person. Great service & support. Highly recommended.


Bob Fogarty

Master Hair Stylist, Entepeneur

I have had Chance handle my business website for about 5 years . He did a great job setting up my site! My business has grown every year along with more exposure. I am a hairstylist, and Chance continues to keep my site updated to the most current styles. His prices are very good and I could not be more happy!


Lynn Priola

Realtor, Entepeneur

Chance & Cox Consulting is level 10 knowledge and support! I highly recommend to small business out there with a goal to step up their online presence!