About Us


As a small business ourselves, our solutions are specially tailored with small business in mind. We have provided professional consulting for information technology, website design, remote administration, training, network analysis, cyber security, computer diagnostics, cloud computing and virtualization. In short, a complete solution for your outsourced IT needs. Today our focus is one primary solution. Utilizing  Social Media. This consists of website design, website hosting and social media management.

Chance has over thirty years of experience as a consultant in information technology. He has worked with one person operations, mid-sized business, and Fortune 500 companies. This diversity has given him a unique perspective. Today his focus is on helping small business successfully compete in a global market place at an affordable price.

In today's Global Market Place, your company not only needs be on social media, it needs to utilize all the new advantages that social media offers. Today there is a new business paradigm merging technology and social media. Services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, and Alignable can help you reach new customers and markets. Search Engine Optimization and tools like Google AdWords can make your company prominent when customers search the internet, thus increasing sales. Contact us and allow us to help guide the way.